Abrasion resistance test:

To test abrasion resistance index of one material can be used to assess its performance of wear resistance. The characterization of the index includes DIN abrasion, GB (national standard) wear scar, etc., The smaller the DIN abrasion value is, the better the abrasion resistance would be. Generally speaking, outdoors shoes require high abrasion resistance performance while indoor shoes requires relatively lower. And the requirements varies from different functions of shoes with different function.For basketball shoes, hiking shoes and other shoes that used for intense exercise and strength, their requirements for abrasion resistance are more strict than jogging and casual shoes.

Non-slip test:

Generally a non-slip material test refers to testing of dry and wet slip values (friction coefficient) to assess slip resistance of materials. Non-slip function is a very important performance indicator, especially for basketball shoes, hiking shoes and other sports shoes that used for intense movement. The anti-skid performance is directly related to personal safety and security. Good anti-slip properties can protect human body from unnecessary injury, such as slipping and falling down. It helps to easily control body balance and sports speed.

Elasticity test:

To teest elasticity performance can be an important indicator for evaulate comfort of one material. With excellent flexibility, sole can reduce energy loss and felling of fatigue during exercising and improve athletic performance, etc., For sports like high jump, long jump and basketball, it can provide effective bounce power.

Shock absorption test:

Shock absorption material applied in the soles provide people with effective physical protection. If shoe heel is implanted with a damping material, it can protect spinal nerves and other parts of human body from severe impact occured when the heel touches the ground. Therefore, cushioning effect test for shock absorption materials is essential.

Weight test:

 A detection of materials which can be also called density or specific gravity test. With the improvement of people's living standards and changes in consumption concept, the pursuit of comfort for sports shoes is also increased. Lightweight and comfortable shoes are more and more popular among people of all ages, so pursuing light weight is an inevitable trend. It is other important indicator for soles comfort.

 Flexibility test:

It is achieved mainly through testing bend resistance and folding endurance performance. Good performance for flexibility enables comfort in feet, not feeling stiff and awkward, but nimble and fun to enjoy freedom.

Test team:

We have a well trained team of high-quality testing skills and a fully equipped laboratory. We run standarized tests according to different requirements of different customer specifications. We provide customers and manufacture center with reliable and accurate test data to ensure smooth production process and to provide customers with detailed satisfactory service.



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