Jinjiang shoes materials fight to be "gold supplier"

Recommended reason: the end of last year, the annual air Qiaodan sports good suppliers, ChengChang shoes without controversy.According to relevant controller introduces, Qiaodan sports shoes production center brand enterprise need most is the ability to independent research and development suppliers, rather than waiting for the brand enterprises in order to "pure" production suppliers.Previously, EVO ChengChang shoe industry research and development of double-color dual density soles have been recognized by the market, this is its been evaluated as outstanding supplier by the Jordan sports one of the key factors.The ChengChang Qiaodan shoes not only with the company to become strategic partners, it also with adidas, reebok, 361 °, xtep, and many other a second-tier brands at home and abroad to maintain good long-term cooperation relations, products are exported to domestic and foreign, deeply domestic and foreign consumers alike.

Star products: EVO ultralight wear-resisting soles

Product introduction: the EVO is a polyolefin materials, rubber elastomer modified EVA or by all sorts of elastomers, rubber mutual combination of functional polymer composite material, has good flexibility, resistant to compression deformation effect provides the necessary buffer shock, light and increase elasticity, waterproof, oil proof, and antistatic function.

Through technological innovation, research and development of the EVO soles, RAMBLE USES mostly light rubber, can be arbitrary curved outsole design, can protect feet, and to restore running barefoot feel.Using super wear-resisting material of EVO, its wear resistance not only increase 15% than traditional products, but also lighter weight 20%.EVO sole has good skid resistance and elasticity, wear comfort jia environmental protection science and technology, both can effectively relieve fatigue.

EVO sole not only retained the traditional plastic materials, plastic, weather resistance, and it has rubber material is soft, elastic, prevent slippery, and excellent abrasion resistance, such as EVA does not have special performance, beyond the limitations of the EVA and has now developed into a variety of series of products of different functions.EVO and, on the product color, dual density soles can break through the limitations of traditional only monochrome production, ChengChang spend heavily to buy new equipment producing double color soles of Taiwan, its purpose is to be one step ahead of industry. 

ZhuangHuiHuang ChengChang footwear, deputy general manager, said after the appearance design is more and more easy to "homogeneity", the function of the sole and bring comfort to consumers is one of the important ways of differentiation.

ChengChang company in produce a EVO sole material, special printing Logo on the tag.EVO is ChengChang proposed a product name, it comes from EVA's scientific and technological innovation, also will bring the shoes to change.ZhuangHuiHuang admitted that a pair of sports shoes its science and technology content in the most directly reflect on the sole, therefore, a good shoe factory, is based on science and technology innovation and quality, constantly on product innovation, to lead the development of the industry.ChengChang shoes material is committed to continuous improvement and optimization of process flow, thus greatly improving the production capacity, established the brand of word of mouth and his sole materials.

Now, after also only EVO international first-line brand in the use of dual density soles, now, some domestic second-line brand also began a large number of try and gain market recognition.EVO's research and development success, both in terms of shoes materials enterprise itself the product production cycle, simplify production process, production manpower savings and comfort, etc., are greatly for the finished shoe companies to provide more high-quality, fast product and cycle.ChengChang the chief product of the EVO ultralight wear-resisting soles, certainly very good strong competition to preempt the market position, in the industry with the technology leading position.

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